General Instructions

  • Registration is mandatory for the presenting authors before presentation at ANCIPS 2024.
  • All presentations should be made using Microsoft Office (version later than Office 2013).
  • A preview room shall be operational in the conference area. All presentations of respective halls shall be centrally coordinated from this preview room.
  • The presenter must submit his/her PowerPoint/audio/video to the preview room at least 24 hours before his/her scheduled presentation.
  • Individual laptops are not allowed for presentations as precious time might be lost.
  • Videos when included should be ideally in .mp4 or .mpeg format and if any other format is used its codecs should also be included.
  • If any other format is used which deviates from the above-mentioned format, the same should be informed at least one week before the conference so that alternative arrangements can be made if possible.
  • The medium of storage used by the presenters should be solid state Flash Drive / USB HDD / Cloud storage ex. Google Drive.
  • The specific date and time of the presentation along with the location will be shared with you shortly and will also be updated on the website. All are kindly requested to visit the website for details of the Scientific Programme on a regular basis for latest updates.