Specific Guidelines for Award Oral Presentation & e-Poster


  • Marfatia Award
  • Bhagwat Award
  • Col. Kirpal Singh Award for Military / Industrial Psychiatry
  • Indian Psychiatric Society Young Psychiatrists Award

The time available for oral presentation for the above Awards at ANCIPS 2024 for the shall be 12 minutes for presentation and 3 minutes for question/answers.



  • Professor K.C. Dube Poster Session I award & Professor M. Murugappan Poster Session II award

Please follow the same guidelines as has been uploaded on the ANCIPS 2024 website for General E-Posters. As regards co-author details and logo, the participants are advised to use their discretion depending on the available space. There is nothing mandatory about it. The focus should be on presenting the research work with clarity and brevity.